Brigantine Beach After Hurricane Sandy

Brigantine Beach After Hurricane Sandy—Brigantine Beach has been a second home to me for fourteen years. My family and I have spent every summer down there since I was seven years old. My family and I have spent hours on the beach and have had numerous family barbeques down the shore. On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit and devastated the Jersey Shore. It destroyed many homes and businesses. Many people living near the Jersey Shore lost everything due to Sandy. There are people still living in shelters because they have lost their homes, businesses, belongings, and some have even lost family members or pets. My family and I have a shore house in Brigantine, New Jersey. We were very lucky that our home was not destroyed and had very minimal damage. For my photo essay, I wanted to show the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy as well as make others aware that Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of damage to the Jersey Shore as well as many areas in New Jersey. For my photo essay, I chose to show the damage caused to houses, the beach, the bay, and other areas in Brigantine. Overall, I wanted to show the sadness and gloominess that has taken over the once happy and family oriented town. Hurricane Sandy has completely destroyed the Jersey Shore.

check out my photo essay!

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