Do You See What I See?

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Do you see what I see? This photo essay includes a compilation of photos that are taken of the same subject during the day as well as the night. There is an emphasis on lighting and how it affects people’s outtakes on various subjects. The photos focus on perception and the fact that everyone takes something different out of the same thing.

I chose this topic because I think it is very intriguing that I can look at something and see one thing, while someone else looks at the same thing but sees something totally different. By taking these photos I wanted to show the comparison between night and day and how a subject can become something it was not intended to be when put in different lighting. It occurred to me that I did not want to do photos of a girl crying and have everyone think, “sadness.” Or a picture of children playing and have everyone think “fun” or “happiness.” Instead, I wanted to leave interpretation up to whoever looks at this photo essay. Just because I took the photograph and think a certain way about it, does not mean that my audience should think the same way.

I got the inspiration for choosing certain subjects by paying attention to the seemingly meaningless things around me. All of these pictures take place outside with subjects that I passed everyday and did not think twice about. Once I stopped to take notice of my surroundings, I found that the meaningless things can in fact have intricate meanings and can be perceived differently at night and during the day.

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