A Sandy Aftermath

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A Sandy Aftermath is a montage of photos that were taken months after the “superstorm” Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore.  This hurricane completely destroyed all of the East Coast.  This topic interested me much because it hit so close to home, literally.  My hometown and neighboring towns were completely destroyed.  Local bars, restaurants, convenience stores, local boutiques, and local surf shops were completely destroyed and gone.  Friends of mine and my family were displaced and required to find another place to live.  Cherished belongings, carpets, sofas, bathtubs, sinks, and kitchen tiles were spread out on the curb like a yard sale on every corner.  I never thought a natural disaster would hit this area, and there is still evidence of Sandy still remaining.  The media and news cover the aftermath of hurricanes and natural disasters immediately after the storm.  I wanted to show and tell the stories of the clean up that people are still going through months and months after.  The storm devastated homes so badly that many of the houses I took photographs of were vacated, because the house was deemed dangerous to live in.  The essay is presented for an audience of all ages and intended to shed light and make people aware of the devastation and how this storm is still effecting families at the beach still to this day.

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