A spin on the Holiday




The holiday seems to approach very quickly, and just as quick as it comes, it goes right away. I wanted to capture and manipulate the holiday spirit. The first time I snapped a photo it was during the night. Unfortunately, the images did not capture what I wanted it t share. I went to Haddonfield to snap photos because the atmosphere seemed inviting. But I wasn’t satisfied. So I traveled to the Deptford mall, here the area was radiating with opportunities to capture a variety of moments.

            I began taking pictures to show how positive the holidays can be, but I was still not excited about the way they were coming out. Instead, I changed my approached and decided to show the negativity that it can bring out. I took the pictures in a “normal setting” then altered the pictures with color. By doing this, the thought began to take shape. I enjoyed taking pictures at different angles, even though had several onlookers staring at me. Since I was in a public place, I had to ask for permission to capture images in the mall. That was a bit of a hassle, security almost had to follow me around the store to ensure I was not taking photos with store names on them. That was more complicated then I thought because I had to get the right spot without manipulating the photo so much.

            Growing up, I was always told asked to take Holiday photos. I would have to get dressed up for Santa Claus and take family portraits. I hated that! Through the positive atmosphere, negative thoughts can be presented in ones mind and that is what I was trying to show in my essay. Some of the photos depict loneliness as well.


My photo essay 

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